10 tips for choosing a maternity & Newborn Photographer

From a Newborn and Maternity Photographer!

There is so much to take into consideration while on your hunt for a newborn photographer. Here are 10 tips for choosing the perfect maternity & newborn photographer for you!


I'm happy you're here! I sincerely hope you read this, and it helps you in your search for a new baby photographer. (And I hope you enjoy my humor LOL) Congratulations on your upcoming milestone!!!

Tip #1

Match Your Style

We all have our own style and preferences and as a photographer, no two are the same. Each photographer is different, from styles, to props, to poses and everything in between. Each person has a way to photograph just like each family has a goal in mind for their images. I tend to lean towards natural skin tones and true to life colors and brightness. Our studio has gorgeous window light that spills in and depending on the time of the session that can play a part in the feel of my portraits! Pretty cool huh?! A little nerdy but I'll try to explain. Sometimes the changes in the lighting, creates a feel that a little dark and moody. While the afternoon and evening is brighter due to the west facing windows. Causing a bright and airy effect that I LOVE. I recommend choosing a photographer to take photos of your family by the types of photos they have personally taken and the styles that they seem to do best. Pick someone that has a style that will compliment your home's walls and decor.

Tip #2

Digital and Keepsake Items

Look for a photographer that offers items that you're most interested in. For example, I specialize in fine art heirlooms and keepsakes. These printed products, such as albums and wall art, is professionally hand crafted. I am so proud of these products, that my main focus with our studio is finding wonderful clients who want to adorn their walls with art instead of digital only packages where digitals go to die.

Seriously! I LOVE digital images, but they just never made it to my walls. When they did, they were never the quality I had hoped for.

Let's be honest. How often do you dig back through your digital images from a month ago, how about a year? Yep, that's what I thought...I have a secret...I myself...rarely look at them either. Which is why this feels so important to me!

All printed keepsakes at our studio come with a complimentary digital image so that you get the best of BOTH worlds! Check to see if your DREAM photographer has the same vision for heirloom items that you do. You may also ask if they offer frames and albums that match your homes decor and style. Digital images are fantastic for sharing digitally but printing yourself through a typical corner store print lab will not result as beautifully, as one printed through a professional print lab where they specialize in prints and materials that will outlive us and our children!

Tip #3

Budget-the good the bad and the value

Each photographer runs their business in the way that works best for them. With that comes a HUGE difference in pricing and value. By the same token, each family budgets differently for luxury things, for example some families have name brand clothes and accessories, new tech gadgets, beds, or like you, are looking for a professional photographer. These purchases can all be a really big investment. SO, what do you do? You look for a photographer that fits your budget, BUT also truly consider what it is that you're budgeting for.

Is this a memory you're going to celebrate again in the next year?

Will it happen again in this lifetime?

Do you want physical artwork or only digital items?

Because we sell what we love, our potential and returning clients, LOVE what we offer. Out of convenience for our clients, we offer no interest after pay and payment plans. This alleviates the stress of budgeting for one payment and instead spread it out over time.

These are important moments, and you don't book a photographer every day!

I believe that seeing the images in your home is so much more rewarding than just knowing you have them. 30 photos on a hard drive aren't worth the same, as the one piece of wall art that brings a smile to your face every day when you leave the house or return home after a long day!

Tip #4

Baby Safety

Experience, time, and patience along with a hot room and about a million other things working in tandem makes a newborn session sail smoothly. When you see me wearing a shirt that says "Newborn Photography is my HOT Yoga" it's legit. With every baby I get a run for my money. The cutest of babies likely didn't sleep 100% of the time for a baby session, so safe wrapping and posing techniques is so, so, so, important! Done correctly, wrapping makes new babies feel comfy cozy just like when they were sharing our bodies.

Taking cute pictures is just the outcome of what photographers do. Almost everyone has a fancy phone that takes AMAZING photos. So WHY is choosing a baby photographer SOOO important?! This person will literally have your baby's life in their hands! This can be so scary. As a MOM, a brand-new bundle of joy is not something we handover easily. I get it! Don't freak out. Professional baby photographers should be using safe props that have been reinforced and are protecting against baby getting hurt from falls or the prop itself. Cleanliness of the space where your session will take place should also be at the top of the list. Our props are sanitized after each baby, linens and outfits are cleaned in hypoallergenic detergent, and the studio is sanitized before and after each session. We have 3 children of our own and as a family-oriented studio, we go there as a family often. What would be the point of creating #BringFamilyIntoFocus if they weren't with me to drive me crazy all the time?! Thus is why the cleaning never ends!

ALTHOUGH, there are safe ways to do some "unsafe" poses, generally speaking, some of the "cute" or "trendy" newborn poses can cause minor to major injuries and even death if improperly executed. Some poses you see have been composited. That just means that 2 images were merged together to create one perfect image. For example, during the session I may hold babies head and take a picture and then move my hand to another part of baby's head so that when the 2 pictures are merged together, I can erase my or my helper's fingers from the image! While it is pretty cool magic, it is for the safety of your baby! This ensures that baby is not in a position which may cause a fracture, dislocation, or blockage of their airway. Choose a photographer that is happy to chat about their knowledge of newborn safety, posing, or any other questions you may have.

Tip #5

Editing Style

Photographers tend to either be little to no editing, or fine art editing. I'm not sure that clients understand the difference. Since all art is subjective, my interpretation of fine art editing is that all of my images will generally have an airbrushed look. I usually throw in a super-glamour looking image because I like the extra fun I can have with it! I am creative at heart and love to try new things. Over-all my images are representative of your natural self with a slight skin smoothing, I take pride in the natural removal of years with a swipe of my index finger! LOL I love removing skin things that aren't permanent such as blemishes, pimples, or a requested tat or scar removal. I also remove baby skin flakes and even skin tone! The baby above had gorgeous skin, these images have not been edited for skin or background-she was beautiful!

Tip #6

Choose a photographer you don't mind sharing your journey with

We started out doing photography in our home (which is constantly a work in progress and usually chaotic). I was always so focused on trying not to let awkward moments or silence creep in with clients, so I started sharing my birth stories. Lots of pregnant ladies later, even the most timid and quiet mama has shared their birth stories and personal tidbits with me. Our birth story, pregnancy, and the first days and weeks of living with a newborn are so private and sometimes overwhelming. Living in an extremely tiny town I pride myself on keeping personal things personal. We try to live our lives and run our business with integrity and honesty. Not just for our clients but for our own family as well. Don't worry, I'm not perfect, LOL I enjoy sharing my private moments during my sessions. Come to find out most women can relate and find comfort in that! My clients share personal moments, bare breasts for feeding new babies, and ask for help putting on their heels for a maternity session. We lose so much during pregnancy, birth, and motherhood. Our dignity is tested, and we no longer own our own bodies in the ways we always have. Becoming a mother is a personal journey. Pick a photographer that you can spend 3 hours with, while hangry, while uncomfortable, while bleeding to death...a photographer who understands and expects NOTHING from you for those 3 hours. A photographer that you can connect with will make a huge impact on your images. The emotion you feel comfortable showing in front of them, and the tender moments that come naturally when you are in a safe and comfortable environment means your photos will exude those very special and authentic expressions and feelings.

Tip #7

Client Closet

Some expecting mothers plan for EVERY SINGLE THING this includes looking for the perfect dress for their maternity or newborn parent session. When the dress arrives, they try it on just to find out it wasn't what they had envisioned. Cue hours of ugly crying! Ask me how I know! LOL Additionally it doesn't hurt to have a back up option. Who doesn't love a good game of dress up when your already feeling gorgeous!? Finding a photographer that offers a "Client Closet" may be a blessing. As a photographer, I carefully curate my gowns, outfits, accessories and props to include things that match my style and the looks that I like the best. This also tends to align with the mamas that choose me. Hiring a photographer that offers a few options may help you save the money on a dress, and you can in turn use that towards the photographer of your dreams. In studio, our client closet gives new moms a chance to try multiple looks for their session. Surprisingly, the wardrobes I choose for them end up being their favorites in their gallery!

Tip #8

Someone to grow with

There are lots of benefits to sticking with your DREAM photographer-once you pick one. When families come back to me milestone after milestone, I feel so fulfilled inside. I guess that probably sounds weird, but honestly, I can't describe how it feels to watch babies that came to me years ago come back at different stages of life. I can't believe that as I watch my own babies grow, I also am included like a part of the family in other people's lives. Helping families document the most meaningful moments is such a blessing. This is completely biased but...Choose a newborn photographer your family can continue to connect with over the years. The BONUS** In my case, as the babies get bigger, they get used to coming and seeing me. This makes each subsequent session so much more fun, for everyone! Kids get excited to come back because they've met me, (and probably my family). They're comfortable being there, your hubby is comfortable being there, and everyone is happy! That means bigger smiles, more laughs, and more genuine emotions.

Tip #9

Help with planning

It is easy to become overwhelmed planning for a photo shoot. Period. Questions like, am I gonna look good? Are the kids gonna smile? I hope me and hubby don't argue before we leave...Oh just me?! LOL Even by yourself, it might be overwhelming let alone dragging along dad and siblings AND a new baby on picture day. A professional in any field should be your guide, your helping hand with any questions or concerns that might come up. A photographer is no different. Being a photographer often times means wearing lots of different hats. One essential part I play is as a guide. From the inquiry to the follow up phone chat, to the booking and session, I am in constant contact with my clients. They receive digital and physical outfit guides, session plans, a project timeline of when to expect your images and products, and a whole array of framing and printing options. My job is to make sure my clients are happy and well prepared for every step of the process! We talk about colors, ideas, and the emotion behind WHY you want to document these memories!

Tip #10

Make it worth your while

Whether or not to book a maternity or newborn photographer depends largely on your vision and what feelings you want portrayed in your photos. Choose a style and find someone to take your photos, whose profile conveys the things you want your images to emanate. Consider all of the above tips to help you choose the photographer you will be sharing the intimate first moments of Motherhood with. Do NOT consider, anyone who says you shouldn't take the photos! You will never regret money or time spent on things you can't get back. Love, Laughter, Memories, Family.

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